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Key to Earning More, Working Less, and LOVING Your Business Again

See if this sounds familiar: You’re working 60+ hours per week, but feel like you’re not accomplishing enough. The paperwork is piling up. Client calls are as brief as you can make them. You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with all there is to do to run your practice.

Your friends call, but you cut their calls short, too. You sense that your family members feel ignored.

If you stop to think about it, you might realize your mood has declined in phases: tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out…maybe even a bit depressed.

Chances are the revenues have not been growing enough to justify the amount of time you’re spending at work. You don’t have any time to hire or train your staff to help you more. You’re struggling and you’ve lost motivation to grow your book of business.

When did business growth get so difficult? Who goes into business for themselves to work days, nights, and weekends?

The One Simple Mindset You Must Have

Like our clients, you excel at your job. You’ve achieved a certain degree of success and you’re ready for more — if only you could learn to manage your time better!

THAT is the kind of thinking that leads to overwhelm and frustration.

We’re here to tell you that “time management” is a myth. There is only one thing standing between your present circumstances and the life you WANT to live. This ONE thing transforms your practice so that it runs like a Swiss watch. This ONE thing creates efficiencies in your business and re-energizes your life.

Acronym for SYSTEMSYou transform your practice with SYSTEMS that leverage your time (not manage it). We’re talking about rock-solid S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. that turbo-charge your productivity, drive revenue growth, and make you fall back in love with your business again.

If you continue to work more hours, you’ll continue to get more of the same results because the systems you have aren’t working FOR you. This is why “time management” is a myth and S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. hold the key to your success!

Welcome to the Business Accelerator Roundtable

Business Accelerator Roundtable LOGOThe Business Accelerator Roundtable (BAR) will remove the daily struggles of growing your company AND put the fun back in. It’s a safe environment for advisors ready to become highly sought-after specialists.

In this group course, you’ll follow the same practical and PROVEN S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. that our private clients use to grow their firms. The step-by-step, one-page documents you develop will strengthen your company’s infrastructure and bring firm-wide clarity, focus, and accountability.

Having a strengthened infrastructure creates more order and gives you the freedom to play a bigger game, impact more lives, do what you enjoy doing, and have more time for family and friends. It also creates exceptional experiences for your clients and your team.

No travel or phone required. The course is interactive and live sessions are held online using an easy-to-learn communications system similar to Skype or Facetime. Enjoy taking this course from your computer in the comfort and privacy of your office or home.

Stop Working Yourself To Death
Trying to Achieve More Success

How many of the statements below can you say a resounding “Yes!” to? Take our private survey. Click on each box for every statement that is true for you. (This is for your eyes only. The check marks will disappear when you refresh or leave this page.)

My quality of life is suffering because I’m working too many hours…and I’m burned out!

I’d like my firm to stand out and become the obvious choice for my prospects.

I’m not earning enough to sustain the great life I envision.

No matter what I do, I remain stuck and never get to the next level of growth.

I often feel frustrated because I’m struggling to stay on top of things. I wish there was a way to simplify my business.

I’d like my entire practice to consist of clients that energize me.

I spend WAY too much time dealing with back-office tasks.

I’d like to form mutually-beneficial strategic alliances with other business owners.

I want to feel more confident in my management and leadership skills.

Often, my employees, clients, vendors, etc. don’t seem to listen to me or follow through on their actions.

I’m committed to doubling my business in the next two years.

I’m ready to learn rock-solid business strategies used by million-dollar producers.

If the answers to at least 6 of the above statements was YES, you’re ready to implement time-saving — productivity-building — rock-solid — business-building S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. into your firm! The Business Accelerator Roundtable is the solution for you.

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Get Ready To Roll Up Your Sleeves

Investment Advisors Get Ready To Roll Up Your SleevesBusiness Accelerator Roundtable (BAR) is a training and coaching school for advisors and business owners. You’ll discover powerful, practical, yet simple principles of 6-figure income creation. You’ll learn how to grow your business — on your terms — while focusing on what you love to do most.

Business Accelerator Roundtable is NOT a sit back, listen, and observe type of program. You’ll get hands-on experience refining your approach to business, unlocking untapped opportunities, and optimizing the way you run your business as you move closer towards achieving the short- and long-term visions of your practice.

This is a course with a high level of accountability, which you’ll get through email, our private forum, with your peers, and during each session.

Before each session, you’ll roll up your sleeves and work on a core business principle crucial to your bottom line. During sessions, you’ll discuss what you wrote and get feedback from the group. You’ll take what you created to a much higher level.

After each call, don’t expect business as usual. We won’t sugar-coat it. You’ll be working to incorporate everything you’re mastering from our sessions. You’ll want to ask your team for feedback on your firm’s new direction, develop a more cooperative team model, assign roles for implementation, and re-energize your firm.

You’ll immediately apply the practical wisdom, new skills, tools, and systems to optimize your people, processes, and profit.

And the day will come when you realize you can “breathe easier” as you thoroughly enjoy your work again. Those are the words our clients use when they realize that the daily emergencies are gone. The days that their staff stopped communicating with each other… gone. Now, they’re enjoying their practices more, they have more time to advise clients, and they’re spending more time with their family and friends — and finding alone time, too!

Who Will Benefit The Most From Attending BAR?

  • Financial professionals – advisors, planners, managers, etc.
  • Business owners whose clients are advisors
  • Small business owners who have nothing to do with advising but who know a beneficial, affordable business growth program when they see one
  • Founders of advisory firms or service businesses who desire to have the best 12 months (and years) ever

It benefits financial professionals to attend courses with owners of other types of businesses and vice versa. That’s why we’re opening this program up to non-financial professionals.

Whether you live in the United States, Canada, or Europe we’ve made attendance easy by offering the live sessions at a convenient time.

BAR May Not Be For You

Financial Advisors Stop Working Yourself To DeathWhile the BAR delivers rock-solid business knowledge and support, it’s NOT right for everyone. Like all our programs, you must be willing to change and get rid of any excuses you’ve been making for yourself and others.

This is also a six-month accountability program. If your firm needs a stronger infrastructure “yesterday”, let’s find a solution that fits your needs perfectly. Other coaching programs can be set up as day-long group sessions, privately by the day, weekend, or year, and delivered at your firm or retreat. Schedule a 30-minute, complimentary call with Maria now to discuss your immediate needs.


  1. Aspire to make a more positive difference in your life and business
  2. Be open to self-exploration and have a genuine desire to change
  3. Kick all excuses for keeping the status quo to the curb
  4. Attend eighteen (18) hour-long sessions
  5. Complete all the required assignments on time
  6. Contribute to the success of the class through active participation
  7. Send a Success Tracker to Maria on Fridays
  8. Meet with your buddy weekly
  9. Pay student tuition
  10. Share the information with your team

It’s probable that every aspect of your life will be affected by the work you do during this program. The principles, tools, knowledge, and experience you’ll gain, your exchanges with other students, and Maria’s help all create a unique learning environment. It encourages you to be the best and most authentic you ever!

“Life happens when you’re running a business.”
– Maria

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Your New Super Powers

The Business Accelerator Roundtable course shows you how to take your business to a higher level, armed with a new set of tools and S.Y.S.T.E.M.S.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do that will simplify your business so that you can advise more clients and live better:

  1. Identify your strengths, determine where you’re leaking time, and get re-centered around your values and goals.
  2. You’ll design an Organizational Business Model that starts with your vision and ends with you only doing the things you love doing.
  3. You’ll fill in a SWOT Assessment and have a crystal clear understanding of your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  4. You’ll implement our Hitting Your Niche Formula and start attracting more clients who energize you.
  5. You’ll create your Ideal Client Profile Go-No Go Sheet so that you end up in places where you’ll meet prospects who inspire you.
  6. You’ll notice the signs of a potential client from hell, and respectfully walk away with ease.
  7. You’ll have created a Unique Value Proposition that attracts the right clients magnetically.
  8. You’ll create a One Page Business Plan® and know four marketing strategies that put you in front of the best clients.
  9. You’ll develop quality systems to monitor customer service, marketing, networking, and social networking.
  10. You’ll be able to articulate, without seeming sales-y, the benefits and value of what you offer so that prospects quickly ask, “When can we meet?”
  11. You’ll be able to confidently talk about what you do without feeling like you’re boring the other person.
  12. You’ll use our Pricing Funnel to improve your revenue, price your services right, and feel more confident talking about your fees.
  13. You’ll see sales improvements, better control of expenses, and overall increases in productivity.
  14. You’ll reduce stress and isolation — and make fewer costly mistakes — as you discuss and implement new initiatives with your peers.
  15. You’ll have the ability to use creative and effective methods to assess your firm, develop a niche, and execute a business and marketing plan on a single page.
  16. You’ll have an understanding of the tools and techniques you’ll use yearly to review and enhance your practice.
  17. Your productivity will increase from concentrating only on work that propels you forward.
  18. Your enhanced personal awareness will allow you to use your strengths to exponentially grow your business.
  19. You’ll improve your understanding of yourself as a business leader.
  20. You’ll develop better professional relationships because you’ll be so much clearer about your business needs.
  21. You’ll gain a broader perspective about business best practices as you systematically improve your business management skills in an environment with candid feedback and support.

Join a Business Accelerator Roundtable. It’s a small group of business owners and Maria, a 35-year business veteran, who understands the issues you face because she’s been in your shoes. Businesses have different owners, but the pressures and challenges we face when growing a business are very similar. Plus, in this peer coaching group, the experiences you bring to the table and the challenges you’ve successfully faced will support other business owners and vice versa.

Here’s what other people are saying about our courses…

Mike Klasco “Aside from forcing us to focus on growing our business, your courses and hands-on support helped us create the plan for our future growth. Despite a tough economic terrain, our client satisfaction and retention rates have improved and profits are higher than ever. Your help in teaching us when to “throw the fish back” and walk away from inappropriate prospects and business has saved us far more than we invested in your course.” Read more of what Mike had to say here
Mike Klasco, Audio Engineer & Nora Wong, COO, Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA

“After working with Maria for just three months, I tripled my monthly income. Usually, after tax season, I have to look for work. This year, clients were waiting for me to be available.”
Terry Ray, Forensic Accountant, Freetrac Inc., Everett, WA

Nancy Owyang “Maria’s “no Band-Aids,” all around approach helped me create a strong business foundation that continuously helps my business be more profitable, efficient, and healthy. The business plan process helped me create an easy to update system for marketing, taking action, and monitoring my efforts. I have taken leaps and bounds in the first few years of my business, and it has been a great experience both personally and professionally.”
Nancy Owyang, Creative Director & Owner, Eye 2 Eye Graphics, Everett, WA

Mary Stursa “Many of the questions on your exhaustive list of ideal client questions weren’t part of my thought process and answering them opened my eyes to new possibilities. I came away with a specific, factual description that helps me recognize my ideal clients after 30 seconds of a conversation, so I can now easily avoid spending time with people who AREN’T my ideal and move on to those who are!”
Mary Stursa, Fashion Designer, Owner, Seattle, WA, Noble Furs

Choose a Plan Apply

The Program In a Nutshell

  1. Become a highly sought-after financial specialist by differentiating yourself from the competition.
  2. Leverage your time and boost your productivity by systematizing and simplifying your practice's foundational infrastructure.
  3. Achieve higher-octane growth as you bring your vision and goals to fruition.
  4. Incorporate best practices and a strong foundation into your firm's growth plan.

Week-By-Week Course Description

It's important to note that in order to grow your firm, you will be spending more time working in and on your business. "Happy Homework" --homework that helps you move towards your goals -- will take between 3-4 hours a week. And it will be worth every minute!

Preparation: Conduct a Business Audit & Life Goals (Valued at $1,150)

Complete our Business Audit and capture a snapshot of your operations and marketing. Identify areas that deserve a hurrah as well as the areas that need your immediate attention. Our Strengths Inventory and Communications Assessments will provide you with useful insights. You'll also identify various life goals so that your business better reflects the way you want to live your life. The answers to the assessments give you, on paper, a baseline of your current status (where you are now), so that when you reach Week 7, you can more easily determine what goals you need to place on your plan to achieve maximum result$.

Submit the documents to Maria prior to attending your one+ hour private Intro Session. This work MUST be completed before Week 1.

Banishing Burnout

Week 1: Becoming More Productive (Valued at $300)

Based on our intro session, I'll give you customized personal tools and exercises to help you start banishing any burnout (frustration, overwhelm) you've been dealing with.

“Maria’s workshop for the CACPA/PFS on Banishing Burnout was an insightful and productive event. After speaking with a few of our members, she customized the program specifically for us and hit the mark. She also provided us with a variety of simple tools to help us go from feeling burned out to energized. I enjoyed her no-excuses coaching style.”
Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Principal, Salvini Financial Planning
President, CACPA/PFS

Define or Update Your Niche

Week 2: Marketing - Deciding Who to Work With (Valued at $750)

When you're looking for ways to acquire more clients, making the shift from a generalist to a specialist will help you stand out from the crowd. Having clarity around a niche that hits your "sweet spot" will move you towards differentiating yourself while developing a particular area of expertise. Let's work together to help you choose clients from a niche that will love working with you ... as much as you love working with them.

"Ideal client focus: Top performers know what types of clients they want to work with and what types of clients are a good match with the practice's philosophy and approach. They are disciplined about when and why they make exceptions and don't chase markets or clients that might dilute their focus."
Ameriprise Financial, White Paper, Sept. 2011

Week 3-4: Marketing - Getting Into the Heads of Your Ideal Clients (Valued at $999)

If you only choose a niche and then start to market, you're making a BIG mistake. Niching is step 1. What's next is learning EVERYTHING about your ideal clients within your niche. Using our Ideal Client Mastery Workbook, you'll get crystal clear about who your perfect clients will be. You'll develop a comprehensive ideal client profile, segment your client base using our matrix, and create a Go/No Go Sheet for you and your team to use. Now you'll be ready to develop more effective marketing materials tailored to your niche as you become the obvious choice for your ideal prospect online, when you network, speak, etc. Your best-matched clients will give you the best referrals, too!

Create A Comprehensive One Page Business & Marketing Plan®

You'll create a One Page Business Plan® for the next 12 months of your business. However, you'll create short, mid and long-term visions to help guide you now and propel you into the future.

Week 5: Envision Your Visions (Valued at $700)

You'll create 3 powerful, crystal-clear visions that will pull you (and your team) forward now and way into the future. Your visions will hyper-focus on your business's major priorities. We'll walk you through our 10-step process with a reusable template that will help you design better short- and long-term visions based on your dreams for your business.

Week 6: Mission Possible (Valued at $700)

This is your consistent reminder of why your company exists from the viewpoint of your clients. Missions don't change; if they do, then much of the company has changed. We'll show you how to create your mission using our triple-duty Features/Benefits Spreadsheet. The words you place in the spreadsheet will be used to create your mission, but you'll also have words to use in your Business Snapshot (elevator speech), as well as keywords for your website and marketing materials, too.

Week 7: Goals Monitor Your Success (Valued at $700)

If you're working very hard but not going anywhere special, find that you're running your business by default and not design, or you're spending a lot of your time putting out business fires, then your goals aren't clear or consistent with your vision and mission. Your 12-month goals will bring your vision closer to fruition. Goal setting -- especially setting goals that fold into your vision -- are part of a powerful process that gets you thinking about an ideal future and what you want to achieve. You'll quickly spot distractions and learn when to say "no" when you have goals to guide you and your business each and every day.

Week 8: What Can Make Your Dreams Come True (Valued at $700)

Strategies are necessary to reach your goals. They're the processes you'll put into place, the consistent operations and marketing you'll incorporate into your business, the people you'll hire, and the technology you'll add to your business to assure that you'll have the best year ever. Using fill-in-the-blank online templates, you'll create balanced business development and marketing strategies based on what will help grow your business the most in the next 12 months.

Week 9: A More Useful To-Be-Done List (Valued at $700)

Action plans are simple and effective tools that give you a framework for how you'll complete a project more efficiently. They are easily monitored with our spreadsheets and help you finish an activity in a sensible order. If you've ever wondered how to set better priorities, this part of the plan (and its monitoring system) is it! You'll know what to do and when to do it when you create a to-do list for each action to ensure that you don't miss any key steps. Also, because you can see each task laid out, you can quickly decide which tasks you'll delegate or outsource, too.

Execute Your Plan

Weeks 10-18: Results Coaching (Valued at over $5,000)

These are "put the pedal to the metal" sessions created to move you forward more quickly. Training topics and issues discussed will be customized and depend on the needs of all the attendees. We may also have mastermind-type meetings (where everyone provides another member with input). Most often students get stuck executing their plans and need a bit more training on marketing, HR, or operations issues.

This course is designed to help you make major strides in how you market and in the way you run your business. Here's what you get as a member of our most popular group course:

  1. Preparation Kit: Receive upon registration. These assessments will help you get crystal clear on what parts of your business are working for you and which parts need to be worked on in the business and marketing plan you'll be crafting soon.
  2. Marketing Welcome Kit: You'll be receiving this kit in the mail. It's jam-packed with productivity and stress-busting articles, your CDs, and some special goodies. It's delivered directly to your office or home in month 2.
  3. Skills Development: Our core principles curriculum includes training, tools, and accountability resources to help you become a more productive, profitable, and confident leader. Topics relate to planning for growth, profitability, client acquisition and management, networking, social marketing, team building, planning, and more. [Read more about the Curriculum below.]
  4. Session Replays: Each call will be recorded and accessible to members. If you wish, share these recordings with your staff.
  5. Planning Courseware: Templated cloud-based system with step-by-step instructions and lots of examples.
  6. Online Performance Based Enterprise Monitoring System: Updated weekly, use it to monitor your progress in reaching your goals and executing your action plans. Use it for six months.
  7. Sessions: Eighteen group training action sessions on the first 3 Thursdays of the month (the fourth week is for you to further incorporate what you've learned into your business).
  8. Session Replays: Each call will be recorded and accessible to members. If you wish, share these recordings with your staff.
  9. Expert Support: Get the proven training and unfiltered advice of a well-rounded business leader with 35 years of experience, who has worked in various departments in financial companies large and small, and who, over the years, has worked with small business owners in more than 40 industries, in 7 countries.
  10. Accountability: Our weekly Success Tracker email provides you with week-by-week successes and access to Maria for support, suggestions, and to keep the momentum going strong. Expect Maria to ask the difficult questions and give you a (gentle, loving) kick in the ass forward, when it's necessary, of course.
  11. Private Forum: You'll have access to a private online forum for round-the-clock support. Post your questions or ask for resources. There is no reason to stay stuck! Maria will visit the Coaching Forum daily and expect to get feedback from your peers, too.
  12. Peer Accountability: You have the choice to be paired up with an Accountability Buddy, another member, for additional feedback and advice between sessions.
When your business structure is in order, you can work less, play more, and enjoy life more.

Choose The Right Plan To Help You & Your Firm Soar!

The page lists two program options; the one you've read about and a second option provides you with more 1:1 coaching and unlimited emails to Maria for the duration of the program.

Business Accelerator Roundtable Menu Of Products & Services

Package Name Silver Gold
Location Skype or Webinar Skype or Webinar
Session Weeks of the Month 18-weeks 18-weeks
Type Group Group
Application Process Nominate yourself for the program. 30 Minute Discovery Session. On the call you'll commit to being part of the next program -- or not. Full-pay or first installment is due after this session. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Preparation Session Complete my Business Audit and get a snapshot of the places in your business that deserve a hurrah and the places that need your attention. We'll give you a series of assessment to provide you with useful insights. You'll also identify various life goals so that your business better reflects the way you want to live your life. The answers to these assessments reveal, on paper, where you and your firm stand today. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Welcome Kit Binder mailed to you with various resources, articles and surprises based on your answers during your Preparation Session. checkmark picture checkmark picture


Core Curriculum: Training topics Topics: business planning, profitability, client acquisition and management, networking, social marketing, team building, planning, and more. Read more about the Curriculum here
Sessions Per Month There are 18 sixty-minute training, working, and critiquing sessions. Maria will provide unique ideas and coaching, while your peers will add their experiences and ideas. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Recorded Sessions Sessions will be placed on a special page created just for your group. Feel free to share them internally with your team. checkmark picture checkmark picture


Forum Membership Private access to an online bulletin board where you can post questions or resources, and answer questions from other members. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Weekly Accountability: Each week you will send Maria a Success Tracker; an 8 question email that tracks your success, accomplishments, and continued challenges. Maria will return the email to you providing the feedback you need to continue with your progress. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Buddy (Optional) Asked to be paired up with another member of the program and speak to each other as you both determine. Use Skype or the phone to work together on homework, share resources, and tools. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Critiquing Materials Website, printed materials, articles, and current projects can be critiqued during private sessions or through the coaching forum checkmark picture checkmark picture
1:1 Calls Per Month Maria will meet with you privately via phone or Skype for 60-minutes a month. If you prefer additional sessions, ask us for the price. checkmark picture
Email Coaching Unlimited. Receive Maria's private email and ask for a resource, opinion, or other help during the program. checkmark picture


CD Niching and Ideal Client Profile Program Grow your business by attracting higher-quality clients. Full program includes CDs, spreadsheets, audios, samples, and more. A $597 value checkmark picture checkmark picture
Courseware Point, Click and Plan Online Courseware helps you create a draft of your plan in under 2 hours. A $200 value checkmark picture checkmark picture
LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: Receive our LinkedIn profile fill-in-the-blanks template in MS Word. We tell you exactly what to write and how much space you have to write it in! Complete the template, send it to your Compliance Manager, and once a approved, copy and then paste it to your online profile. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Marketing Audios: Access to Maria's Marketing Library of more than 10 audios on marketing and technology topics. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Documentation: Access to our Client Vault with more than 500 checklists, templates, and forms to help you grow personally and professionally. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Performance Management: Map your progress online for 6 months as you move forward on your goals and create a to-do list that you monitor. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Financial Services Tool Kit CD: Includes planning templates, tools and calculators, scorecards, budgets, pricing sheets, and sample business and marketing plans. checkmark picture checkmark picture
Investment** Pay In Full and Save Full-pay: $2,994 Six-pay: $499 per month Full-pay: $4,750 Six-pay: $850 per month
Application Process - Start Here

Choose Plan

We accept all major cards as well as Paypal and checks. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase. Or call us at 360-271-8418 to place your order. Set yourself apart from others who share your profession. Prospects will know that you're the one they want to work with. If you're serious about attracting more terrific, well-paying ideal clients, then turbo-charge your business with this very supportive, step-by-step program!

NOTE: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS available after the 2nd session. By accepting the payment terms, you commit to paying the amount in full for 6-months. We do not guarantee you'll make any money as a result of this program. Individual results depend upon the individual's effort, situation, application and other intangibles that we have no control over -- but you do.

BONUS #1: Strategic Client Acquisition materials:

Our proven, repeatable, 7-step course helps you choose your niche, define your market, and more. Includes an easy-to-complete workbook, 3 audios, Go/No Go Spreadsheet, Client Traits Spreadsheet, Client Services Matrix, sample ideal client profiles, and more.

BONUS #2: Financial Services Tool Kit CD

Includes planning templates, tools and calculators, scorecards, budgets, pricing sheets, and sample business and marketing plans.

BONUS #3: LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

You'll receive our LinkedIn profile fill-in-the-blanks template in MS Word. We tell you what goes into each section and how much space you have to write it in! Complete the template, send it to your Compliance Manager, and once approved, have your assistant copy and paste it to your online profile.

BONUS #4: Performance Management Spreadsheet

You need to monitor your actions and goals. During the six-month course, you'll create your to-do list in our online Action Plan spreadsheet to keep you focused and moving ahead. After the course is over, you’ll have a spreadsheet to continue monitoring your efforts.

BONUS #5: Marketing Audios

Access to more than 10 marketing and technology podcasts to help you market smarter.

BONUS #6: Client Vault

Six-month access to over 500 checklists, templates, forms, etc., to help you get MORE things done!

Simple application form

Right click on the link below to save the target as and download the BAR application. Fill it in, and return to Maria at the email address listed on the form.


I often run this program starting in February and July.

I will run this program additional times if I have interest. To show your interest in a future offering, email Maria here email Maria here

Meet Your Instructor

Strategic Business Coach, Planning Strategist Maria MarsalaI’m Maria Marsala, The Practice ReEnergizer Coach. I’m asked often how I became a Wall Street trader and executive at age 22. Truth be told, I wanted a well-paying job and that meant traveling by train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I spent 4 days applying for jobs in buildings located near the first train stop in the city before being hired, as a clerk, by Merrill Lynch.

Soon afterwards, I became determined to own my own home, along with a few other audacious goals. I created a 5-year goals list and “to dos” for each goal. I looked at what I could do on my list every day. The more focused I became, the more action I took, and the faster I realized my goals.

At work, I accomplished more than my predecessors in half the time by finding efficient and effective ways to do my job. My free time was spent helping out the operations and trading desks. The systems I created put me out of a job and I was offered other options on the trading desks. Over time, the operations and trading management S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. I spearheaded saved the firms hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. I got noticed and promoted to Jr. Trader. On my 25th birthday, I purchased a home.

My Offer To You

During this course, you’re going to have phone access to me for 18 hours. Add to that all the assessments, templates, videos, replays, email and forum coaching, bonuses, etc. and the value for this course is way over $12,000.

But I’m not asking you to pay $12,000. You’ll be downloading the resources online, and you’re studying at home.

This group course, for 6-10 participants, costs a fraction of 1:1 coaching, yet you’ll be ready to accelerate the growth of your business, the right way, with the tools and resources you need, in just 2-3 months. PLUS the tools, training, and support you receive can help you double your revenue in 2 years.

The price for the Business Accelerator Roundtable is only $499/month or a one-time payment of $2,994. Reasonable for all the proven best practices and bonuses you’re getting, right? The custom creation of your business-altering One Page Business Plan® alone would cost over $3,500.

Here’s the thing. If this course is “just what the business doctor ordered” I want you to say a resounding “YES!” and sign up right now.

Choose a Plan Apply

Your Double Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Double Satisfaction Guarantee

Business Accelerator Roundtable GuaranteeI want to make sure that the course is a valuable experience. Here’s our guarantee.

First, if you’re disappointed for any reason simply send me an email after your 2nd session ends and I will drop you from the course with no penalty. (There are no refunds)

Second, if you’ve attended all sessions and completed the homework, I guarantee that you’ll leave the course with a personalized, step-by-step plan so that you know exactly what to do once the course concludes. You’ll also end up with a rock-solid business foundation — a strong niche, ideal client profile, business and marketing plan, some of your marketing strategies executed… and more.

Just as important, at the conclusion of the course, you’ll have the tools and know-how to repeat the processes each and every year that you own your business. It may surprise you to know our clients’ yearly planning “week” takes less than 5 hours a year, although sometimes they offer their team (and their spouse) a weekend retreat experience.

Develop clear strategies.
Move your business forward faster.
Get focused and watch the result$!

“Because I’m a numbers person, I’ve always had trouble with the “writing part” of planning and setting aside enough time to write a business plan. I knew I needed to have a plan on paper, not just in my mind.

Monica BarnardWhen Maria offered a ONE page business and marketing planning process that could be done in ONE day, I knew that could do THAT much! While preparing for the workshop, I realized that I was in a stagnant place and needed to do new things, including niching, to bring in new business.” Read how Monica’s client acquisition rate increased from 2 to 10% after executing her plan!

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Here’s the full schedule. All sessions are LIVE, INTERACTIVE, RECORDED, and DOWNLOADABLE after the session. Join us at 10 am Eastern Time (a good time for my European students, too).


Start time is 7am PST / 8am MTN / 9am CST / 10am EST / 5pm BST

July 14, 21, 28 August 4, 11, 18
September 8, 15, 22 October 6, 13, 20
November 3, 10, 17 December 1, 8, 15

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Early Bird Special Ends July 5, 2016

Join the fun before July 5 and get a certificate for a free 60-minute 1:1 session with Maria. Use it to meet with her privately during the program. Other participants have used their certificate to:

  • discuss a private “life” issue with Maria (remember, she is a trained Life Coach, too)
  • noodle through a specific product or service launch they’ve had in mind
  • discuss or practice a sales presentation
  • Your needs here

If you know the Business Accelerator Roundtable is something you want to do, don’t let this Early Bird Special expire! Enjoy a $333-$450 value for free (not to mention some sticky problem solved) when you sign up for the Business Accelerator Roundtable by July 5, 2016!

The power of the group awaits you!

Don’t put it off any longer: Tap into Maria’s brain, along with the collective wisdom of a Business Accelerator Roundtable, and be at the top of your game!

Do the work and you’ll not only meet your business goals, you’ll exceed them. With the right resources, support, and information, you’ll produce effective and efficient systems to reduce stress and create more free time.

Learn what countless others have discovered

You’ll find more clients, money, and freedom by creating systems for routine tasks, focusing on money-producing priorities, and leveraging your time. Get the back-end of your business under control by creating simple business systems and you’ll have more time for the things that matter.

Back-end systems can guide new client acquisition, customer service/loyalty, marketing, planning, brainstorming, networking, pricing, hiring, HR, and much more. An efficient and effective back-end, running like a well-oiled machine, allows you more time to do what you love — you know, what you actually went into business for!

Your Business Accelerator Roundtable is waiting for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to have the business and life you have always wanted. Join us and see for yourself!

Upwards and onwards,

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Practice ReEnergizer Coach, Financial Advisors’ Business Coach, Author, Speaker, and former Wall Street trader

P.S.: If you’re ready to attract more and better clients, work less, and reach your income goals, join the next exclusive, Business Accelerator Roundtable. Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you left a larger corporate structure or a team of advisors that offered you lots of support. Often what happens is that working independently leads advisors to feelings of isolation, self-doubt, or a decline in their confidence. In fact, isolation is one of the main obstacles to being self-employed and growing a viable business.

Or maybe you've grown your business as far as you've been able to and your revenue has flat-lined. You realize it's time get other ideas, or to have someone look at your business from a birds-eye view -- someone like me -- a business expert.

Sure, I know that you went into business to do it your way and serve your clients the best, but you don't have to be alone! Even if you're part of a team, it's still common to feel isolated.

When you own your own business, you have to leverage your time with systems and be more efficient. That's a part of what our program will help you do. And here are other plusses of joining our Business Accelerator Inner Circle....

  • You'll leverage your time with resources we offer you, be alerted to technology resources, and stop swapping your time for dollars.
  • You'll set your fees just right to attract your ideal clients.
  • We give you the training and tools to grow your business (as outlined in this program).
  • All of us (Maria and your peers) will help you get motivated when you need it.
  • You'll be exposed to and learn best business and marketing practices.
  • You'll get solutions to the situation you're in.
  • You'll learn how to navigate beyond your current competency level.
  • You'll connect with others and not be alone.
  • You'll be more motivated, your (business) confidence will increase, and you'll be in a space to attract ideal clients.

Let's compare it to the cost of not acting on this offer. A year from now, do you want to be in the same place you're in today? If you answered NO, then give your business vision a chance to become a reality.

To assure that this program is right for you, complete our application and we'll talk. Honestly, I don't want anyone in this program that is not ready and committed to growing their business. Before you pay us, you can decide for yourself if this is the best program for your business growth right now.

Now let's look at your investment in the program from a money standpoint. The value of this program is more than $12,000. The Business Accelerator Roundtable is being offered at $497 a month. If you choose the Gold program for $850 a month, you'll be able to schedule one 1-on-1 consultation with Maria each month and have unlimited email access to Maria, too.

If you do not have a niche, ideal client profile, or a strategic plan, this program will help you grow your business. The amount of money you make is only an issue in regards to who I buddy you up with, what marketing strategies you choose, and what other people you plan to hire internally. I'll do my best to give you a buddy who is making an income near yours. However, if you're in this bracket, you may want to look at our profit or firm-wide coaching programs -- the choice is yours.

If you do not have a niche, ideal client profile, or strategic plan, this program will help you fast-track your business growth. The amount of money you make is only an issue in regards to who I buddy you up with, what marketing strategies you choose, and what other people you plan to hire internally. I'll do my best to give you a buddy who is making an income near yours.

If you truly cannot afford the current tuition for the program, don’t let that stop you from taking the course and doing the homework. Complete the application, we’ll talk, and work out a payment plan after I review your latest tax return and budget.

Yes, and here's why. Planning for the growth of your business is the same no matter where your business is located. You know the rules and regs of your country, you know how to invest, you know how to plan, etc. I don't work on the technical or scientific areas of your business; you get quite a bit of training on those as you get registered and obtain and keep your various designations.

What I work with you on is the art of business -- the infrastructure of your firm. That's why this program and actually all my coaching programs work for advisors and planners who live anywhere in the world. I’ve had attendees from other countries get up at 3am to attend such events!

You get the most out of the program when you attend every session. Sometimes things happen.

You'll have the replay to listen to but you won't get 1 to 1 coaching and the help of the group, which happens at the sessions.

You'll have "happy homework" to do between the calls, you'll work with your buddy, and you'll submit a 7-question Success Tracker each Friday before you leave work.

You can ask questions or answer them on the online coaching forum. We recommend that you make a commitment to attend each event, not only to ask for advice, but also to give your sage advice to your peers.

  1. Pay us, in US funds, using PayPal .
  2. You can also pay by echeck and using a credit cards, through PayPal without the need to register for a PayPal account
  3. We accept US checks made out to Elevating Your Business.
  4. If you need to pay us another way, call or email us and we'll work with you.
  • There are 2 books we'd like you to purchase which cost a maximum of $50 and that provide free online assessments we feel are necessary for you to complete.
  • As you execute your plan, you'll probably need things you already know about. Like new technology, a web designer, logo, graphics to use in your marketing, to hire employees, etc. Or you may need other tools or consulting services regarding operations, administration, technology, marketing, or sales. Whatever you need, ask us for our vetted outsourcers or other resources.
  • We may recommend other reading to you that can be purchased or borrowed from your local library.
  • For example, if one of your issues is networking, you may want to eventually purchase our program at 40% off OR we can recommend books on the topic.

OTHER COSTS: There may be long-distance phone costs to your buddy or the program, depending on the features of your own phone plan. If you don't have a speaker or microphone on your computer, you'll need to purchase one.

Maria is the only coach and consultant conducting this program.

Let's talk. We've provided the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here. And if I've missed your question, feel free to telephone me at 1-360-271-8418, Skype me at mariamarsala or email me here.

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