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When it comes to our own  businesses, lets face it, we all have blind spots.  One of the most difficult tasks is to look at your business objectively.   What’s working? What’s not working?   What needs to be tweaked, improved, or created.  What gets a hurrah and what are your strengths?

Like your car, your firm needs regular checkups to make sure it’s running like a well-oiled machine.  Today, we’re giving you 10 important checkup tools.  Three of these tools are described below and all of them will become part of your firm's Advisor Business  Toolbox.

  • Business CheckUp: Quickly take a snapshot of all the areas of your firm and where you stand. Helps you answer the question "What should I spend my time on this now?" A $149 value.
  • Business Vision Workshop: Free class helps you set better priorities and design a 2 sentence vision statement for your firm. Looks at the question "What do I want to be celebrating a year from now?" A $47 value.
  • Target Marketing Assessment: Before determining where your time and dollars will be spent marketing, comes managing your firm's niche. Questions to answer: Who are the clients you can help the most? What's the best niche for our firm to work with? A $149 value.

And remember…. too many firms depend on their owners to make sales AND run the show.  If your firm only revolves around you, it won’t be valuable to a buyer when it's time to semi-retire or exit.

Let us show you how to grow your firm more simply.  Request our Advisor Toolkit today.

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